Useful Items In Our Day To Day Lives

All thanks to the development and evolution of science, technology and art scientists and inventors got the chance to invent items that are certainly very useful to man. Some of them have even obtained Nobel prizes for their inventions but over the years the items tend to evolve for the betterment of man’s life. The successful invention of the items took years of studies and it required some serious geometry involved. But sometimes some scientists get lucky and invent items by accident.

A century ago, if one wants to buy a particular item they have to travel to the nearest shop which sometimes might be kilometres away from home. But in today’s advanced and modern world one needn’t even leave the home and can simply place ones orders online and get it delivered to ones door step. This saves a lot of time and money. But one must make sure to order from a place that has a good reputation of delivering quality products. Given below are a few important items that not many people speak about.

Items made out of wood

Coat hangers were first invented by Thomas Jefferson.

Coat hangers are very useful as people can place their clothes in a very neat and methodical manner. There are many types of hangers designed to hang various types of clothing such as trousers, skirts and shirts. One could use hangers to even dry clothes on the screen. Hangers can be made out of different materials such as wood, steel and plastic depending on the persons needs. There are also varying sizes of hangers and they come in different colours. Wooden storage boxes are also very aesthetic due to the appearance of the wood. One could store useful items inside it but make sure to maintain it on a yearly basis to keep the same look.

Items made out of plastic and metal

Paper clips are mainly made out of steel and it was first invented by Samuel Fay. Paper clips help fastens stacks of paper together. It also helps one to tag specific important areas in a book. There are various colours, shapes and sizes of paper clips that are being manufactured. There are some creative people who have made large pieces of art work using millions of paper clips. Plastic items are found all over our household and its one of the most famous materials used to manufacture items. There various items made out plastic such as dustbins, bowls, paper cups and even plastic bags. But now scientists are trying their level best to reduce the usage of plastic bags due to the fact that it is not biodegradable.