Sick Day Mood Boosters


It’s flu season again (que in the sneezing, coughing and groaning).

Despite how hard we try, despite whatever precautions we do against it, sometimes, getting sick is inevitable. And when a person gets sick, regardless to whether it’s a man, woman or child, they are bound to feel awful. The food tastes bad, the body aches and you feel bad in general.

While a gift might not really do anything to make your sickness go away, it’s still a good way to cheer up a sick person.

If you don’t know what you can gift a person who’s sick to cheer them up, then here are a few of our sick day present suggestions. Feel free to go over this page for easy gift shopping. 

Food for the weary.

Everyone knows that it’s important to feed the sick, as it gives their body the strength to fight off the sickness. Food hampers makes very thoughtful gifts for men and women alike. Homemade food always tastes better, and if your culinary skills are even passable, then perhaps you could make your sick friend some fresh soup. You could even make it in advance, freeze it in ice cube trays and have it vacuum sealed. It will still taste fine after it has been thawed. Keep them warm.

If your “sick person” is running a fever, then no doubt they’re feeling cold—and will continue to feel so, despite the hundred blankets piled on them. Gift them with a warm thick cardigan or even a thick and warm shawl. Even socks work wonderfully as gifts (and you don’t even have to be Dobby to like it!)—especially if it’s included in a hamper with assorted gifts. And don’t worry, clothes are perfect as gifts for men in NZ and women alike.

Keeping them company.

It’s not surprising that they feel miserable when they’re not well. If they’re not sneezing and coughing too bad, then consider doing some activity together with them. It obviously can’t be anything that will tire them out; so do something that is relaxing. Rent a movie, and watch it together, allowing them to snuggle under blanket. Or read a book, tucked up and sipping a little tea.Give them the attention they deserve.

People feel emotional when they’re sick, so they’ll feel your attention (or the lack of it) more strongly. Even if you can’t keep them company personally, try to keep in touch with them throughout the day. Check in through a phone call, or a brief video chat—it only takes a few minutes to do so, but trust us, it will be so worth it when it helps to elevate their mood.