How To Save Energy At Home?

Electricity is has become a utility that we cannot simply live without. We use electricity for almost every aspect of our day to day life. Hence, it is so easy to lose track of how much of it we are using, and end up wasting quiet a lot. Here are some ways to save some energy spent at home.

Let’s start with the obvious. Whether it is a fan or a cooler or even a light bulb, make sure it is switched on only when it is required to do so. Switch light, the fan and the air conditioner off the room you are leaving. Switch it back on only when you come back. Pay close attention to irons and other appliances that uses a large amount of energy. Invest n a smart socket, that will help you monitor if you have switched off all your appliances, when you have left the house,and also allows you to remotely switch on or off any appliance.
A hefty component of our energy bills are made up of energy sent either trying to cool us or keep us warm. Dress very lightly in summer, so that you can reduce the usage of air conditioners or coolers. Wear an adequate amount of layers in the winter, so that the heater can be turned down a little. Get a thermostat that will regulate your temperature within healthy levels, in terms of your electricity bill. Try to maximize the efficiency of coolers and heaters by closing don windows, door and curtains. Try to have your roofs insulated.
Use the right appliances. Using second hand or old appliances may not be a good idea. A cheap fridges for sale Melbourne might seem like the most financially feasible idea as at now, but the same sale can give you big energy bills in times to come, because a fridge is something we use all day, every day. A fridge works extremely well within the temperature of 4-5 degrees, while a freezer will at about minus 18 degrees. Anything less than this, s nothing but a waste of energy. Invest in an inverter air conditioner, even though it may seem a little pricy. It is a good investment down the line. Look for energy efficient alternatives of everything you use on a daily basis.
Use your kitchen appliances in a green way. Use the microwave over an electric oven whenever possible. Don’t re-heat something fresh out of the freezer, thaw it for some time, so that you can reduce the heating time, hence the energy used. If you are using an electric cooker, know that having your pots covered with lids, with less room for the heat to escape, your food will cook faster saving you some energy. Unless absolutely necessary, wash your clothes in cold water, without heating it. The emery you save will n tony help your pocket, but it is a way to save the world. So be smart when consuming energy.