Common Questions About T-Shirts

Everyone has questions about the little quirks that t-shirts show over time. For example, there is the age old question of why there are always tiny tears in the materials right near the bellybutton after the t-shirt has been worn for a while. If you do an internet search for the answer, you aren’t going to get anywhere, and nobody really knows why. Some people suggest that it is because the belt buckle creates friction with the material of the shirt, which is pretty reasonable of a theory. There are others who sprout complete madness, thinking that it is due to the bellybutton somehow leaking acid from the stomach.

For the most part, the belt theory is the one that is closest to being true. The material of the shirt does rub against the waist of your jeans and your belt, as well as with the bottoms of tables and counters. If the fabric is finer, or thinner, it is more likely to tear faster over time because it wears out faster. This may not be the real reason, but it is definitely the most sensible theory out there.

Why Are There So Many Transparent Tees?
Another question is why there are so many see-through t-shirts out there. Sure, your favorite electronic rock guitar shirt may not be transparent, but there are certainly items of clothing out there that are made to be more teasing than others. They are called tissue tees colloquially, and provide a pretty alluring look on women. They are also perfect for dealing with summer heat, and are great bases for layering other clothes without feeling too bundled up and restricted.

They are usually meant to be layered with other clothes, although a lot of people actually don’t do this. Made to be draped over other clothes, there is a reason why this type of shirt is typically of a larger size than what you’re used to wearing. Don’t worry, it isn’t that you have put on weight.

How Do I Wash My Shirts?
A very frequently asked question is how to wash a shirt. Different materials and designs have different instructions. You can’t wash your colorful electronic rock guitar shirt at the same time as your plain white shirts. You have to practice the right methods in order to make your clothes last longer and still look good over time. For color, you should put similar colors together and wash it gently, preferably by hand. Do not heat the clothes or spin-dry them. Let them dry out on a flat surface or by hanging them out in a cool, dry place. With the right kind of care you should make your shirts last months longer than they usually would.